New Shooter Lubrication System

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

One of the exciting design changes of the new Shooter CIPP pipe liner inversion machine is the addition of an onboard lubrication system.  The most common methods of applying lubricant to the liner as it enters the inversion box have been either hand mopping with a rag repeatedly dipped in a bucket of mineral oil and wiping the liner, by using a portable hand pump sprayer, or by simply pouring the oil.  All these methods require a worker dedicated to the lubrication task.  Now by simply filling and pressurizing the onboard oil tank, the lubrication process is automatic, allowing that employee to be used elsewhere in the inversion process or on another job.  Fine tuning of the air and oil pressure regulators can optimize the atomization of light mineral oil for a fine, even spray adequately coating both sides of the liner at once as it enters the Shooter top funnel and into the inversion body.  The air and oil pressure settings are relatively low and easy to maintain.  Contractors using water-diluted liquid laundry soap as a lubricant should conduct their own tests for proper atomization and even spray pattern.  Specific instructions for using the lubrication system are supplied with each Shooter manual at time of sale.

If we can answer any questions about the new lubrication system, the new Shooter design, or about air inversion pipe relining, please feel free to contact us.