THE SHOOTER with Water Inversion

Thursday, February 08, 2018
THE SHOOTER is mostly known for reliable and fast air-inversion with steam cure for quick, efficient pipe relining, but what if you're in a tight easement with difficult access on a job requiring a water installation?  Perhaps there's not room for that water tower truck but you do have THE SHOOTER and the optional water cure flange.  By using air to invert the liner down the MH and just into the host pipe, you can then add water for an air/water installation.  Continuing with both air and water, the liner will fill and remain inflated as the inversion continues.  The lay flat is pulled in by the tail during the second half of the shot as with any water install. With the liner inverted and the head pressure sufficient to prevent deflation, remove the top funnel and replace it with the water cure flange (see photo).  By using the 4" port on the water flange and one on the back of THE SHOOTER, hot water can be recirculated and the liner cured as normal.  The photo shows the curing set up using an original style Shooter.

The new ruggedly mobile hand truck with built-in lubrication system and knife gate allows THE SHOOTER  to easily get to manholes with difficult access, and the optional water cure flange makes THE SHOOTER an even more versatile asset for underground construction companies.  Give us a call at (541) 504-0416, x-6 or stop by our show booth to see THE SHOOTER and accessories in person.  We'll be at the WWETT Show booth #6430 in Indianopolis, Feb. 22-24 and the No Dig Show in Palm Springs booth #563 Mar. 26-28.  Stop by, we'd love to see you!