Thursday, July 07, 2016


We received a call two weeks ago from a contractor looking at moving up from small laterals to larger mainlines and was in need of some equipment.  He said THE SHOOTER® had come very highly recommended and after some conversation with us it turned out he already had a job bid with a very short window for completion.  We were able to help him get a 24" SHOOTER with all the necessary ancillary equipment, as well as provide a day of training at our facility before his rehab work two days later.  After picking up three guys at the airport, we gave them a quick tour of our facility and commenced to introductions and walkthroughs of both THE SHOOTER® 12" (for 6-12" pipe) and THE SHOOTER® 24" (for 15-24" pipe).  We discussed the necessary equipment and safety, proper LIPs seal adjustment, setting up a shot, lubricating and inverting a liner, the cure, and what happens afterward.  Then came the practice shot with a dry liner in the yard using a 12" SHOOTER and some 8" x 6mm, which moved easily under low pressure in a slow, controlled inversion across the lot.  It was a hands on session for them.  After any remaining questions were answered, they were back on a plane and anxious to prep and shoot the run.  We were very happy to hear a report after the holiday weekend that their install went perfectly.  In fact, he said the easiest part of the entire operation was inverting the 15" liner with THE SHOOTER®.  His experience previously has only been with small inversion drums, and the ability to have longer runs in larger pipe with the original continuous air-inversion machine was just what he said he's been looking for, especially with a machine that isn't difficult to understand or operate, and really does well what it's designed to do.  Glad everything came together for him on such a tight schedule!


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